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Ways To Keep Kids Busy & Entertained Without Depending On Screens.

Be it the lazy weekends or sick days and after-school time from Montessori inspiration, the kids are generally forced to stay home and it’s nothing but maddeningly challenging for parents to keep the kids busy and entertained.

The majority of parents switch to screen time (it’s alright, though) but too much screen time isn’t good for kids. So, if you are struggling to find engaging yet screenless activities for your 0-3 years old babies, we have got some amazing ideas at our hands. So, are you ready to know more?

Game Box

Most kids up to three years old can be challenging to get engaged and at the same time they need to work on their motor skills, right? That being said, you should create a game box with easy puzzles and coloring books; the drill is to add the games that they can play alone. To be honest, your munchkin might resist the game box at first but keep showing it to them and the game box will become their ultimate time-pass.

Let Them Create Cartoons

Every kid loves cartoons (Cocomelon probably rings a bell) but one way of keeping them off the screen is to allow them to create their own cartoon. For this purpose, give some crayons and paper to the child and ask them to draw their favorite hero, villain, or whatever they want. This will not only spark their creativity but also keep them off the screens successfully!

Let Them Assist You

It doesn’t matter if you are cleaning the home or doing laundry, ask them for help. You can assign them a job that they can easily handle, such as setting up the table, adding detergent, or stringing the beans. If your kid is stronger, let them sweep the house with a broom!

Provide Tasks

The kids are likely to shift to screen when they are bored, so keep providing them tasks. It doesn’t matter which task you provide, make sure to make it a big deal. For instance, ask them to create a box fort for granny or create a card for daddy. This is because if kids think that the task is important, they will keep working on it without any complaints.

Idea Box

Kids need to brainstorm for activating their creativity, so why don’t you brainstorm the ideas with the assistance of your kids? For this purpose, write down the activity suggestions and start putting them in the box. So, whenever the kids are bored, let them pick one paper and engage in the written activity.

Creative Toys

In case you want to keep the kid engaged and distracted for a longer times span, choose the game that allows them to create, such as puzzles and Legos. This is because it will allow the kids to play alone for hours and it’s perfect for developing spatial reasoning.

Outdoor Play

If you have a lawn or a backyard, let them go outside and play with nature. For instance, give them a stick and ball, and watch them run around wild. Always be sure to keep an eye on them to ensure their safety which if you feel comfortable enough can be from the window, right?

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