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T.H.S.A Homeschooling Mentorship Program

The T.H.S.A Mentorship Program helps provide new homeschooling families with support that will ensure their continued success in educating the future of our people. The T.H.S.A Program works by facilitating regular communication between Nawah, our experienced Homeschooling Mentor, and participants to help establish what works best for each family. Homeschooling is unique to each family.

What you will receive from T.H.S.A Mentorship Program:​

  • Guidance and support as you move through the learning curve of being a homeschooling parent

  • Refresh and encourage all home educators, regardless of how long you have been homeschooling

  • Support as you create your home and learning environment

  • Help working towards healthy long-lasting relationships between children and your approach to learning

  • An active partnership while you strive to be the best homeschooling parent you can be


Thank you for your interest and for being an active participant in your child's education.

We look forward to working together !!!

Cost: Free with purchase of T.H.S.A Monthly Membership

We will love working with you...

Thanks for registering. See you soon!

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