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Screenless activities for children 0-3 years old


When it comes to screenless activities for kids aged 0-3 years old, there are plenty of options to engage their senses, promote development, and encourage exploration. Here are some ideas:

1. Sensory Play: Set up a sensory bin filled with materials like colored rice, water, beans, or sand. Let them feel, touch, and explore the different textures.

2. Tummy Time: Lay your baby on their tummy and provide age-appropriate toys or objects to encourage them to lift their head, reach and grab for objects.

3. Puzzles and Shape Sorters: Introduce simple puzzles and shape sorters that are designed for young children to help develop their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

4. Building Blocks: Provide soft or large building blocks to help children develop their motor skills and spatial awareness.

5. Books: Read aloud to your child, using board books or cloth books with vibrant pictures and textures. Encourage them to touch and interact with the books.

6. Music and Dance: Play soft music and encourage your child to move and dance to the rhythm. You can also provide simple musical instruments to explore.

7. Water Play: Fill a shallow container with water and let your child splash, pour, and play with cups, sponges, and water-safe toys under supervision.

8. Nature Walks: Take your child on short walks outdoors, allowing them to experience different sounds, sights, and textures of nature.

9. Art Activities: Engage in age-appropriate art activities such as finger painting, using non-toxic and washable materials.

10. Sensory Bags: Create sensory bags by filling resealable plastic bags with materials like hair gel, or water mixed with glitter. Seal the bags tightly and let your child explore the textures and colors.

Remember, for children under 3, always supervise them during playtime activities and consider the age-appropriateness and safety of materials used.

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