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Why handwriting is still relevant in the 21st century

Updated: May 22, 2021

Why Handwriting Is Still Relevant

In The 21st Century...

We are living in the digital era and computers have pervaded our lives. Sure, the advanced technology has eased our lives and we are enjoying the modern aspects but this advancement is hardly showing faltering. It’s an evident fact that utilization and control of the technology are essential in education, and kids are typing away on keyboards.

However, do we still need to teach our kids how to write with hands? Is handwriting still relevant in the digital era? The short answer is yes, teaching handwriting is still essential but we are sharing the answer of “why?” in the article below!

Unique Brain Engagement

When kids write something by hand, brain engagement is different as compared to typing through touchscreens and keyboards. According to students, handwriting can positively influence memory and students will be able to retain learning when they are working on new ideas much better than typing. However, if your kid is creative and loves creative writing, it’s best that they stick to keyboards.

Holistic Activity

Handwriting can engage the body while the hand is busy writing, which results in the development of a holistic activity. This is because it’s multidimensional and uniquely physical about writing on the paper to create sentences and curate words.

Better Imprinting

The kids need to learn the alphabet and there is no better way than helping them retain letters and respective sounds. Handwriting can help kids recall the letters and associated sounds. When kids learn letters through the screen, only fingertips and eyes are involved. However, if kids learn letters by handwriting, there are various tactical experiences, such as eyes, movement of body and arms, and engagement of fine motor muscles of hands and fingers.

Higher Value

This might sound far-fetched but the majority of writers prefer handwritten drafts and the process of reading and interacting with written content provides a wholesome experience. On the other hand, with computers, corrections and editing can damage the flow of ideas while handwriting optimizes editing, correcting, annotating, and reshaping without damaging the ideas.

Better Information Capturing

Your kid will eventually pass into high school, colleges, and universities and teaching handwriting will come in handy (no pun intended). This is because using a pen and notebooks helps note down the lectures, scribble the ideas, and brainstorm much better as compared to typing on tablets and computers.

Engagement with Thoughts

With computers and tablets, your kid will hardly get the time to slow down and brainstorm or just connect with their thoughts. To be honest, this is not restricted to kids only because adults need to let their thoughts breathe. That being said, handwriting will provide space for thoughts, create the thoughts, and ensure proper penning down of the sentences.

Creative Opportunities

When someone has a pen in their hand, they will have quick and convenient access to artistic and creative opportunities. Access to these opportunities is not possible when you are trying to weave your thoughts while typing on the keyboard. So, it’s pretty evident that handwriting is still relevant and will remain so in the foreseeable future!

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