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Screenless activities for children 9-12 years old


For children aged 9-12 years old, there are plenty of screenless activities that can keep them engaged and entertained while promoting creativity, social interaction, and critical thinking skills. Here are some ideas:

1. Reading: Encourage their love for reading by providing a wide variety of books and allowing them to choose the genres they enjoy most. Consider setting up a cozy reading corner or suggesting a book club with friends.

2. Outdoor Exploration: Foster their adventurous spirit by encouraging outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, nature walks, or bird watching. They can also engage in gardening and learn about plants and the environment.

3. Arts and Crafts Projects: Stimulate their creativity by providing different art supplies like paints, markers, clay, or origami paper. Encourage them to create their own artwork, build models, or try out new craft ideas.

4. Building and Construction Sets: Invest in building sets like LEGO, K'NEX, or magnetic tiles. These activities enhance their problem-solving skills, imagination, and spatial awareness.

5. Science Experiments: Engage their curiosity with simple science experiments using household items. They can explore concepts like chemical reactions, magnetism, or even build their own volcano or simple circuits.

6. Sports and Outdoor Games: Encourage physical activity by introducing them to different sports or outdoor games such as basketball, soccer, frisbee, or capture the flag. This not only keeps them active but also promotes teamwork and sportsmanship.

7. Music and Musical Instruments: Foster their musical interests by introducing them to different instruments or encouraging them to learn to play one. They can explore online tutorials, join local music programs, or experiment with creating their own tunes.

Remember, providing a supportive and stimulating environment is crucial for their growth and development during this age. Encourage exploration, autonomy, and creativity while balancing their activities with some screen time appropriate for their age.

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