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Tazamach Homeschooling Academy. The world’s First & Only Hebrew Israelite Virtual Homeschooling Academy.

Tazamach Homeschooling Academy is dedicated to so-called Black, Hispanic and Indigenous Families.

It is very important that our children know their true culture. It is very important for our children to see themselves in the people who are educating them. It is very important for our children to have a safe learning environment.

Our Programs run year-round and our culture is woven through all of our programs and courses.  April is the first month of each program and March is the last month of each program.  Each program consists of 3 years. Your enrollment has flexible start dates.

We offer the following subjects for K- 12

  • Language Arts: Reading, writing & oral communication

  • Math

  • Science

  • History

  • Art

  • Life Skills

  • Health & Fitness

  • Scripture Reading

  • Modesty

  • Lashawan Qadash ( Biblical Hebrew)

  • Geography

  • High School Electives

  • And much much more

Programs & Courses:

  • Includes lessons, assignments, quizzes and hands on activities

  • Their progress and achievements will be tracked and documented.

  • Students are able to complete their learning materials at their own pace within a 4 - 6 month span. All course materials are to be submitted at the end of the 4 -6 month span. Each student learns differently. The specific submission details is agreed between the student and their teacher.

Benefits of joining the T.H.S.A Virtual Academy Community

  • Learning your true culture

  • Safe learning environment

  • Learning from educators that look like them

  • Having educators that actually care about you

  • Improved flexibility

  • Your child will learn Time management skills

  • Easier school-life balance

  • Opportunity to learn technical skills

  • Variety of programs

  • Improved communication

  • Opportunity for career advancement

  • Reduced education costs

  • Opportunity to build self-motivation and self-discipline

  • Networking opportunities

  • The freedom to learn whatever you want

  • Comfort of learning from your own home

  • Study according to your learning style

  • Ability to pursue a hobby or interest

Tuition packages start as low as $40USD  /month

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Visit our website for more information www.tazamachhsacademy

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