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Homeschooling Resources for Blacks, Hispanics and Indigenous Families

Tazamach Homeschooling Academy creates Educational Resources for Blacks, Hispanics and Indigenous / Native Families.

Looking and searching for educational materials so that our children could see themselves in it was close to impossible to find. So we at Tazamach Homeschooling Academy decided to create some. We have workbooks and work sheets for your children to work through. We provide a wide variety of subjects for grades preschool - grade 12. We are always creating and providing resources. We provide lots of free resources and resources for sale.

Here we have an Early Learning Skills Booklet forages 3 - 6. It is one of our free downloads.

We also offer Adult colouring books. We also offer a wide variety of colouring books for children as well.

These are Reading Comprehensions for grades 3 - 6. It is one of our free downloads as well.

Our products are great to use at home with your children as you teach them.

On our Youtube channel we provide educational videos where our children can see themselves in and relate to. We have read alouds, bedtime stories, math videos, science videos and practical life skill videos. All of our videos were all made with Black boys, Black girls, Hispanic boys, Hispanic girls, Native ( Indigenous) boys and Native ( Indigenous) girls in the forefront of our minds.

Lashawan Qadash (Paleo Hebrew) is our Original language and it is very important that we learn it and treasure it. On our youtube channel and in our shop here on our website, we will be providing learning materials to help you and your family learn Lashawan Qadash too.

Our channel hosts Math Mondays, Life Skills Tuesday, New Educational Resource Wednesday, Story time Thursdays, Phonic Fridays and Science Sundays.

Just like the Montessori theory, our materials are based on the child and the way that they learn. We hope you find our resources hands on and interactive. We look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Below are some books that you may be interested in purchasing to read to your child/children


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