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Montessori At Home – What Does A Montessori Bedroom Look Like For Toddlers?

As parents, we often start planning and decorating our toddlers' room or kids' room whenever we get the news of becoming a parent. However, we hardly think about the Montessori rooms that can keep the kids busy and help them grow. This is because Montessori has activities that help kids grow by learning. So, if you want to create a Montessori room at home for your little toddler, we have some amazing ideas for you. Are you ready to follow them, then?

Creating The Montessori Room–Why Is It Important?

When kids grow, they tend to become mobile and it’s essential to provide them with the freedom to explore and move. Sure, baby-proofing is needed but there is a need for modification to respect their mobility and for providing space. For instance, toddlers need to be potty-trained which means the Montessori has to be extended to the bathroom. Not to forget, growing kids will evolve in their level of play. So, to allow the exploration in the Montessori room, we have the following options lined up for you!

Using Low Shelves

Even if your kids are growing, they won’t just magically give up on toys. That being said, you need to use low shelves in the room and add a range of age-appropriate toys and books. The low shelf is important because it allows kids access to the stuff and they will be attracted to them.

We suggest that you place toys and books in different baskets, so they learn how to put specific things in a specific bin or basket. In addition, we suggest that you rotate the book and toy selection after every few days to keep everything fresh and learnable.

Add Artwork

Who said interesting artwork is only for adults? This is because you must hang artwork at eye level, so your toddle can be exposed to art (it’s important for stimulating their brain). As far as the artwork is concerned, it can be anything, such as a painting made by their elder sibling or their own framed picture.

Developing Seasonal Nature Trays

Your toddlers don’t have an idea about different seasons, so it’s essential to teach them, right? That being said, with every new season, create a tray of items specific to the season, so your kids can touch them, understand, and explore. In addition, if you have a backyard, allow the kids to collect the items because it’s a great way of exploring and learning. However, you have to keep them away from the choking hazards, so design the trays carefully and keep an eye on them.

Promote Independence

Freedom and independence in the movement are important for kids, so while designing the Montessori room, it’s best to add a floor bed. This is because the floor bed promotes walking and crawling. However, when using a floor bed, you need to make sure you remove any hazardous items from the room and keep limited things around them.

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