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Wisdom Literacy Curriculum - Year 1


A year's worth of Literacy for children ages 3 - 6 years old

This is a 3 part learning series

It is a 400 page learning binder


Ships out to you within 3 - 5 days


Pre- reading skills:

Motivation – Children need to want to read

Print Awareness – They need to be aware of written language all around them

Letter Knowledge – They need to be able to identify individual letters and sounds

Vocabulary – Children with an expansive vocabulary have an easier time learning how to read

Narrative Skills – They need to be able to retell a story and understand sequencing

Phonological Awareness – Children need to be able to isolate the individual sounds within words


This curriculum includes:

Hands on activities

Letter sounds and awareness

Cutting activities

Colouring activities

Lessons for each week


Tazamach Homeschooling Academy is A Premier Source Of Educational Resources For Blacks, Hispanics, and Indigenous Families. We started our online learning platform in March 2020. Our main purpose is to support you, the parent, and your child (ren). Homeschooling is so much more than just reading and writing. It is about nurturing and developing the whole child. The whole person. The whole family. We are here to help you and your family with your academics, your mental health, your tips on how to provide for your family. We are dedicated to building up our community and watching it flourish.

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Wisdom 3-6 years old Literacy Curriculum - Year 1

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