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Sample Lesson Plan for teaching kindergarten students using principles from the science of reading

Here's a sample lesson plan for teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency using principles from the science of reading for kindergarten students:

Objective: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to identify and produce the sounds associated with the letter "m" and read and blend simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words containing the letter "m."


- Letter cards (including the letter "m")

- Picture cards of objects starting with the sound /m/

- Whiteboard or chart paper

- Markers

- Student worksheets or letter/sound manipulatives


1. Introduction (5 minutes):

- Gather students in a circle and show them the letter card for "m."

- Ask students if they know the name and sound of the letter.

- Discuss objects that start with the sound /m/ to activate prior knowledge.

2. Phonemic Awareness Activity - Sound Isolation (5 minutes):

- Show students a series of picture cards and ask them to identify the picture that starts with the sound /m/.

- Repeat the activity a few times, allowing students to take turns answering.

3. Phonics Instruction - Letter "m" (10 minutes):

- Write the letter "m" on the whiteboard or chart paper.

- Model how to write the letter "m" and explain its sound.

- Guide students in practicing writing the letter "m" in the air or on mini whiteboards.

- Have students practice saying the sound /m/ and trace the letter "m" using finger tracing or worksheets.

4. Phonics Activity - Letter "m" Sort (10 minutes):

- Display picture cards with different initial sounds, including some starting with the letter "m" and others with different sounds.

- Have the students sort the picture cards into two groups: "starts with /m/" and "does not start with /m/."

- Discuss the sorted cards as a group, emphasizing the words that start with the letter "m."

5. Fluency Practice - CVC Words with /m/ (10 minutes):

- Introduce a CVC word with the letter "m," such as "mat."

- Practice sounding out and blending the word together as a class.

- Provide each student with a CVC word card (e.g., "mat," "man," "met") containing the letter "m."

- Have students take turns reading their words aloud to a partner or in a small group.

6. Wrap-up (5 minutes):

- Review the letter "m" sound and discuss the CVC words students have learned.

- Ask students to share one new word they learned today that starts with the letter "m."

- Provide feedback and reinforce their efforts.

Note: It is important to modify the lesson according to the needs and abilities of your students, and to provide additional support or challenges as necessary.

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